Conqueror Disinfectant Use and Care Instructions



The objective of the two-part process is to increase the likelihood that the disinfectant is making complete direct contact with maximum disinfectant per square inch of non-porous surfaces in order to kill and neutralize pathogens. 

STEP ONE:  Follow directions on EPA-registered disinfectant label which includes covering the surface to be treated with disinfectant leaving it wet.*

STEP TWO:  Point disinfectant bottle squirt nozzle directly at BioMitt™, BioSponge™ or BioWipe™. Avoid contact with skin.* Generously apply disinfectant solution directly into Open-Cell Foam Sponge or Mitt applicator.  Make sure the side of the Open-Cell Foam applicator you will be wiping with is covered with the disinfectant for optimum absorption into the capillary network.

Go over the surface being treated slowly with the Open-Cell Foam Mitt or Sponge. DO NOT WIPE back and forth quickly like you do with other cleaners. You want to move slowly to allow the Open-Cell Foam to 1) provide additional contact between the target surface and the infused disinfectant and 2) help trap pathogens into the Open-Cell foam whereby the pathogens will come into contact with the disinfectant.

*Refer to disinfectant product label for more information, use and additional safety instructions.


When finished you may wash your Open-Cell Foam Mitt or Sponges with dish soap or a detergent. Pathogens inside your Open-Cell Foam Mitt or Sponge have been killed or neutralized.  If preferred, BioMitts™, BioSponges™ and BioWipes™ are dishwasher safe.

Unlike other sponge applicators, Open-Cell Foam Technology allows you to reuse your sponges and mitts over and over again without any odor.  Giving your US BioSolutions™ Open-Cell sponge and mitt repeated, long-term use

Why is this?  Because of the patented formulation of the Open-Cell foam and use of a medical-grade polymer, the Open-Cell foam does not promote microbial growth and contains no plasticizers or other additives that act as nutrients for pathogens.

Note: Using household cleaning gloves is recommended when using Sponges and inside your Mitt, especially for those with sensitive skin.

DO NOT MIX Disinfectant with other cleaning products.