Who We Are


US BioSolutions™ (USBS), the creators of BioFoam® is a technology company whose mission is to develop, manufacture, and market innovative, sustainable solutions that preserve our natural resources and provide the highest level of protection from harmful pathogens.


About Us 

USBS’ patent-pending AquaFlex® Open-Cell Foam Technology (BioFoam®) has been on the frontlines of water, surface and airborne decontamination for nearly two decades. Invented by USBS CEO and Inventor Scott Smith, AquaFlex® was originally developed for the US Military, as a high-surface-area applicator for neutralizing chemicals on human skin in 2002. Since then, AquaFlex® continues to be used by the US Military and militaries in over 35 countries.

In 2010 AquaFlex® technology was approved, used, and endorsed by BP America in the cleanup of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2018 AquaFlex® was validated by CDC ELITE labs for water sampling for pathogens. Since then AquaFlex® is in use by Homeland Security and the State of Florida to help mitigate the effects of harmful algal blooms and COVID-19.

To deliver the highest level of protection from surface and airborne pathogens during these uncertain times, AquaFlex® has been repurposed into a BioFoam® PPE product line that includes face shields (BioShield™), Wipes (BioWipe™), Mitts (BioMitt™ and Green Glove™), and Sponges (BioSponge™), an EPA-registered disinfectant, and an Hand Sanitizer and Surface Cleaner (BioWash™). AquaFlex® PPE offerings are reusable, bio-degradable, water-immersible, do not promote microbial growth, and won’t mold.

About Scott Smith

Scott Smith is a named inventor on 11 issued patents and 14 patent-pending applications relating to specialty polyolefin foams used for both water testing and remediation of waterways contaminated from industrial oil and chemical spills.  

In 2008, Smith received the Small Business Administration Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery after his manufacturing business was hit by devastating flood waters - which became the impetus for his inventions using open-cell polyolefin foams for testing/remediating contaminated water.  

Smith has been to every major oil spill site (including the Bakken oil train explosions) since 2010 – more than 60 different locations in the US and abroad. The locations of these real-world disasters have been Scott's laboratory. He is a graduate of Baylor University and Harvard Business School.